Training of Allied Students

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Pakistan Army’s training institutions over the years, have earned a vastly acclaimed reputation of providing quality training to own as well as allied officers. For the last five decades these training institutions have been preparing officers to perform their onerous duties toward national defence with pronounced sense of responsibility and honour.
Pakistan Army’s professional excellence, has attracted a great number of countries around the globe, which send their officers to Pakistan for military training. Be it the Pakistan Army’s premier institute like, Pakistan Military Academy or basic/mid career courses of various arms and services, training of selected officers at the Command and Staff College Quetta or grooming of officers for higher rank responsibilities at National Defence University, Pakistan Army is fully equipped to impart training at any level.

It is due to this reputation that the countries around the world send their officers for further grooming. English being the medium of instruction, makes it convenient for the allied officers. However, in case of language barriers, short language courses or courses with interpreters are organized.

More than 650 allied students from over 55 countries attend various courses at different schools of instruction in Pakistan, annually. It is indeed, a matter of honour and pride for us that some of the graduates of these institutions are presently holding higher ranks in their respective armies, which is reflective of quality training being imparted. We also look forward to an even bigger and healthier mix so as to benefit from each other on one hand and strengthen the mutual relationship on the other.