Pak Army Ranks & Insignia

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Officer ranks

Officer rank insignia displayed on the shoulders.

Army Rank Insignia NATOEquivalent BPS
Field marshal(5-Star) OF-10 Apex Scale
General(4-Star) General Pak Army.jpg OF-9 BPS-22
Lieutenant General(3-Star) Lt Gen.jpg OF-8 BPS-22
Major General(2-Star) Maj Gen.jpg OF-7 BPS-21
Brigadier(1-Star) Brigadier pak army.jpg OF-6 BPS-20
Colonel Colonel pak army.jpg OF-5 BPS-19
Lieutenant Colonel Lt Col.jpg OF-4 BPS-18
Major Major pak army.jpg OF-3 BPS-18
Captain Captain pak army.jpg OF-2 BPS-17
Lieutenant Lieutenant pak army.jpg OF-1 BPS-17
2nd Lieutenant 2 lieutenant.jpg OF-1 BPS-17

Junior Commissioned Officers

Army Rank Insignia NATOEquivalent BPS
Subedar-Major Subedar Major.jpg BPS-16
Subedar Subedar.jpg BPS-15
Naib Subedar Naib Subedar.jpg BPS-13 or BPS-14

Non-Commissioned Officers

The Non-Commissioned Officers rank insignia are displayed on sleves.

Army Rank Insignia NATOEquivalent BPS
Battalion Havildar Major Batal H M.jpg OR-9 BPS-11 or BPS-9
Battalion Quartermaster Havildar Batallion Qu Havildar.jpg OR-8 BPS-11 or BPS-9
Company Havildar Major Comp Havildar Major.jpg OR-8
Company Quartermaster Havildar Comp Quat Havildar.jpg OR-7 BPS-11 or BPS-9
Havildar Havildar.jpg OR-5 or OR-6 BPS-11 or BPS-9
Naik (Nk) Naik.jpg OR-4 BPS-9 or BPS-8
Lance Naik Lance Naik.jpg OR-3 BPS-8 or BPS-7
Soldier OR-1 or OR-2 BPS-7